Crimes of a Christian: Serving Two Masters

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Crimes of a Christian

Follow author, Kent Dickinson, in his descent into the criminal underworld of Chicago and watch the turning around of his life. This is a story of redemption which shows that God never gives up on us no matter how deep we fall, and can use us to glorify Him, no matter what is in our past!

Coffee With Jesus

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Coffee With Jesus

What better way to start your day than walking with your Savior? Coffee with Jesus is an eight week long morning devotional that stresses your walk with Him. It is designed to help you grow closer to Him as you reflect on His life and yours. It covers such topics as submission to His will, humility, unity, and many more!

Fight the Good Fight

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Fight the Good Fight

As Christians, we are caught in the fight of the ages and called to fight for the Truth. The Bible not only tells us to "fight the good fight of faith," it also gives us a good outline of how to do just that. "Fight the Good Fight" looks at the Biblical strategy for each fight, and show you the hope of victory we have in Jesus Christ!

Father Make Them One: A Prayer of Jesus

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Father Make Them One
Unity in Christ is a noble, lofty goal. It is also much closer than we realize. Father Make Them One explores the causes of disunity and provides solutions to meet them head on.