About Us

Posted in /One Body Press on 2013-06-16 13:25:25

There is a renewed hope in our Church. A hope of things to come. A hope that will change the world, a hope of being what Christ intended. The hope of being one body. We at One Body Press are dedicated to making this hope a reality. We believe this can be achieved by moving the focus from denominational dogma to Jesus, by shifting the focus from what Paul calls "disputable matters" in Romans 14, setting our differences aside and focusing on Jesus. We don't mean we need to do away with those preferences, just shift our focus to what, or who is important, Jesus...we could do so much good for the Kingdom!

Here at One Body Press, we strive to promote unity through the works we publish. We aim to spread the Word throughout the world. We do this by promoting authors, and their books, who are called to reach the lost and bring cohesion to the One Body of Christ.

We are a small press with a narrow niche. We are looking for Christian non-fiction works. We do not print fiction, nor do we print curriculums. We are willing to look at Bible Studies on a case by case basis. If you have any questions about us, please feel free to check out our FAQ or send us an e-mail.