Breast Cancer is beaten!

Posted in .../Press on 2014-05-12

Heroine battles Breast Cancer – Lives to tell the tale!

SAN ANTONIO, TX – 12 May 2014 – One Body Press, has just released its next title, “Courage Under Fire” (ISBN 97809831009-7-3), by Yilda Rivera. This book chronicles Ms. Rivera’s fight against breast cancer and her victory over the same.

We all face failing health, job loss, relational issues, and other situations that are uncertain. Yilda Rivera chose to go public with her illness to inspire and encourage other people, men or women, facing any hardships in life.

“Courage Under Fire” is not only is an open and honest account of someone’s life and journey through cancer; it is a compelling story of strength, courage and faith in the face of fear and adversity. This story will help readers discover the confidence they need to stand and prevail in the face of fear and hardship, and to discover that despite uncertainty and chaos, there are still choices we could make.

“Courage Under Fire” is currently available at online at and retailers such as and

One Body Press is an emerging Christian publisher founded in March 2010. Yilda Rivera’s book is its most recent release. Other titles carried include “Crimes of a Christian,” by Kent Dickenson and “Father Make Them One,” by Michael Stinsen. For more information, check out