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Breast Cancer is beaten!

Posted in .../Press on 2014-05-12

Heroine battles Breast Cancer – Lives to tell the tale!

SAN ANTONIO, TX – 12 May 2014 – One Body Press, has just released its next title, “Courage Under Fire” (ISBN 97809831009-7-3), by Yilda Rivera. This book chronicles Ms. Rivera’s fight against breast cancer and her victory over the same.

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The Important Things

Posted in .../Blog on 2012-01-29

It’s easy to get caught up in the minutiae of everyday life and forget what’s really important. My journey from living an ordinary life in the suburbs to being the focus of an FBI task force began with an over-emphasis on my life’s minutiae - my job. Now, a job that pay the bills may not seem like a minor thing, but is it as important as God? Or, your faith? Your soul? Your spouse? Your children? Your freedom? The truth? Unless your job is serving God or others, which mine was not, a long list of life’s assests precedes a job in importance and relegates it to the realm of minutiae. Unfortunately, I made my job the most vital aspect of my life and, as such, it defined the rules – the right and wrong – of my life. And that, my friends, led to the FBI task force.



Posted in /One Body Press on 2013-06-25 22:00:47

Everything I Need to Know, I Learned on the Elevator
Life’s lessons are often learned at inopportune times and in unusual places. We are molded and shaped by those lessons and experiences and growing as we overcome obstacles big and small. Learning from others’ experiences can give us that same knowledge. Learn from a man who has made the mistakes and lived to tell the tale!
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